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Landscapes of Silence: From Childhood to the Arctic


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Renowned anthropologist and film-maker Hugh Brody weaves a tapestry of personal landscapes: childhood in post-war England, the Derbyshire hills, a kibbutz in Israel and the Canadian Arctic.

As a child he ate roast beef and Yorkshire pudding but was always told that real food came from his mother's home, Vienna. He attended Hebrew classes three times each week but also a Church of England boarding school. Conflicted and bewildered, he sought places to which he could escape - but everywhere he discovered deep and troubling silences.

He takes us on his first journeys to the Arctic, where the realities of the far north were a joy, but even there he found abuses of the people and the land - and voices that were being silenced by colonialism.

This is a tale of cultural suppression and silenced voices, and a moving narrative of colonialism, abuse and hope.

Hardback, 352 pages.