Sexus Animalis

There may be nothing unnatural in nature, but there's plenty that still seems fantastically strange - including the amazingly multifarious sex lives of animals. Sexus Animalis tells us everything we never dreamed we wanted to know about the reproductive systems, genitalia, and sexual practices of animals; from elephants (who masturbate with their trunks) to fruit flies (who produce spermatozoa twenty times their size).
Discover animal examples of heterosexual, lesbian, gay, and bisexual behaviour, as well as monogamy, polygamy, and polyandry, not to mention fellatio and a wide variety of erections and orgasms. From double penises, detachable penises, and corkscrew-shaped penises to vaginas built for storage and clitorises with thorns, there's always something new to learn. (Although, perhaps unsurprisingly, there's more data about animal penises than animal vaginas and clitorises.) Discover how an ostrich achieves an erection, the courtship rituals of pygmy chameleons, and how the female short-beaked echidna chooses a partner - as well as how masturbation helps squirrels avoid sexually transmitted diseases. Striking color illustrations accompany the text.
Hardback, 184 pages.
Book measures 24.1 x 17.8 cm. (Not that size matters, of course).

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