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1922: Scenes from a Turbulent Year


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1922 was a year of turbulence and upheaval: the world had just emerged from a war that had killed millions, and a global pandemic that had ended the lives of tens of millions more. Its events reverberated throughout the twentieth century and still affect us today.

Empires fell - the Ottoman Empire collapsed after over 600 years, and the heyday of the British Empire was over. The Irish Free State was declared and demands for Indian independence grew. The Soviet Union was officially created and under Mussolini, Italy became the first Fascist state.

In the USA, Prohibition was at its height. Hollywood continued to grow, despite a series of scandals, and a new mass medium – radio – was making its presence felt. The BBC was founded, and in literature T. S. Eliot’s The Waste Land and James Joyce’s Ulysses were first published in full.

In society that was already changed by the trauma of war and pandemic, the morals of the past seemed increasingly outmoded; new ways of behaving were making their appearance. The Roaring Twenties had begun, and the Jazz Age had arrived.

In a sequence of vividly written sketches, Nick Rennison conjures up all the drama and diversity of an extraordinary year.

Paperback, 256 pages.