Abject Quizzery

From the Emperors who slaughtered whole cities, to the artists whose most creative work was their own suicide, from the wiped-out species to the burned books, the massive swindles to the official f*ck-ups and the cretinous quotes of those utter cu… curmudgeons in charge, our world has always been a festering dung heap.
Sure, go ahead, cry about it. Or take this medley of melancholia-inducing malfeasance and turn it into a fun activity for families and groups of friends.
That’s right. Over 400 pages of quiz and picture rounds, puzzles and anagrams devoted to the very worst aspects of existence.
Abject misery, or Abject Quizzery? It’s the only choice you’ve got.

Hardback book, 352 pages.
14.3 x 3.6 x 22.3 cm

Collections: Books, History, New, Psychology, The Arts

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