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Can Fish Count?: What Animals Reveal About Our Uniquely Mathematical Mind


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Witness the extraordinary numerical feats of all manner of species - from primates and mammals to birds, reptiles, fish and insects. Whether it's lions deciding to fight or flee, frogs competing for mates, bees navigating to food sources, fish assessing which shoal to join, or jackdaws counting friends when joining a mob - Homo Sapiens may think that we have the monopoly on mathematical thinking, but this book shows that every creature shares a deep-seated Darwinian ability to understand the intrinsic language of our universe: mathematics.

Can Fish Count? is that special sort of science book - a global authority in his field writing an anecdotally-rich narrative which changes the way we perceive something that we had previously taken for granted.

Hardback, 384 pages.
Measures 16 x 3.8 x 23.6 cm.