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Curious Minds: The Power of Connection


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What would you do if you were curious about something? Google it. Look at it. Ask a question. But is curiosity simply information seeking? And what’s left out of that conventional understanding?

According to this book, curiosity is made up of wandering tracks, weaving concepts, the knitting of ideas, and the thatching of knowledge systems—the networks, the relations between ideas and between people. Curiosity, say the authors, is a practice of connection: connecting ideas into networks of knowledge, and connecting knowers themselves, both to knowledge and to each other. 

Traipsing across literatures of antiquity and medieval science, Victorian poetry and nature essays, as well as work by writers from a variety of marginalized communities, the book traces a multitudinous curiosity. It identifies three styles of curiosity—the busybody, collecting stories and creating loose knowledge networks; the hunter, who hunts down secrets or discoveries and creates tight networks; and the dancer, who takes leaps of creative imagination, creating loopy ones. Investigating what happens in a curious brain, they offer an accessible account of the network neuroscience of curiosity. And they sketch out a new kind of curiosity-centric and inclusive education that embraces everyone’s curiosity. The book performs the very curiosity that it describes, inviting readers to participate—to be curious with the book and not simply about it.

Hardback, 312 pages.
Measures 15.2 x 22.9 cm.