Electric Paint Touch Board Starter Kit

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, this inspiring kit will provide you with everything you need for three interactive electronic projects. Using the innovative Electric Paint and the included Touch Board, you'll be all set to turn any surface, object or space into a sensor. From interactive posters to intruder alarms the projects are clearly explained with full instructions, and well-documented code examples for optional additional programming of the Touch Board. Design and electronics projects will never be the same again!

Electric Paint is like regular paint, except that it conducts electricity. It is carbon-based, non-toxic and water soluble.
Kit contains: 1 x Touch Board, 1 x Electric Paint 10ml tube, 1 x Electric Paint 50ml jar, 1 x guidebook, 1 x MicroSD card, 1 x MicroSD card reader, 1 x Micro USB cable, 1 x mini speaker, 10 x alligator clips (colours vary), 1 x stencil, 1 x stencil brush, 12 x sticky tabs, 3 x velcro stickers, 2 x paper cutouts.
Comes boxed - box measures 21.7 x 15.7 x 5.5 cm.
Recommended for ages 14+.

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