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Emergency State


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0n 26 March 2020, a new law was enacted, locking down tens of millions of people. Confining us to our homes, banning socialising, closing shops, gyms, pubs, places of worship -  all in the space of eleven pages. It restricted our freedoms more than any other law in history, justified by the rapid spread of a deadly new virus.

You may have expected such a law to be fiercely debated in Parliament. But it wasn't debated at all. A state of emergency was declared, meaning the law came into force the moment it was signed. The emergency, which was supposed to be short, lasted for 763 days, allowing ministers to bring in over 100 new laws restricting freedoms more than any in history - laws that were almost never debated, changed at a whim and were increasingly confusing for the public. Meanwhile, behind the doors of Downing Street, officials and even the Prime Minister broke the very laws they had created and imposed.

This book, by one of the UK's leading human rights barristers, tells the startling story of the state of emergency that brought about an Emergency State and shows us why we must never take our rights for granted.

Paperback, 200 pages.
Measures 21.6 x 13.5 cm.