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In FilmQuake, Ian Haydn Smith selects 50 movies that shook the cinematic world, telling the fascinating stories behind their creation, reception and legacy. Evoking fascination and intrigue in some and rejection and scorn in others, these cutting-edge totems, which celebrate novelty, technology and innovation, help define what cinema means today. From unbelievable developments in technology (Citizen Kane) to feminist triumphs (Wanda), and from films that kickstarted New Queer Cinema (Paris is Burning) to others that challenged law-makers (A Short Film About Killing), FilmQuake discusses each film with the context of its production in mind, giving readers true insight into why they were so pivotal.

FilmQuake is an alternative introduction to cinema, focusing on the stories of 50 key movies that questioned boundaries, challenged the status quo and made shockwaves we are still feeling today. 

Paperback, 208 pages.