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When lifelong bird-lover Hannah Bourne-Taylor moved with her husband to Ghana, her life was changed by her unexpected encounters with nature and the subsequent bonds she formed. Struggling to belong in the rural grasslands far away from home, she was forced to turn inwards and question her own sense of identity. But in the animal life around her, and two wild birds in particular, Hannah found a source of solace and a way to reconnect with the world.

Fledgling is a portrayal of adaptability, resilience and self-discovery in the face of isolation and change, encouraging us to reconsider the conventional relationships people have with animals through this glimpse of what is possible when we allow ourselves to connect to the natural world. 

powerful meditation on our instinctive connection to nature, it shows that even the smallest of birds can help to show us what is important in life and how to embrace every day.

Hardback, 304 pages.