Head Trauma


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'As I began my teacher training, little did I know of what awaited me. Almost three decades and seven schools later, I am head of a state secondary school. On the wall in my office is a children's toy, a plastic monster's head which, if pressed, emits a pre-recorded message: 'It beggars belief!'. I press the monster whenever I, pupils, parents, staff, or the Department for Education do something that is notable, ludicrous, odd, bewildering or unreasonable. It is pressed so often that I am forever having to replace the batteries.' Welcome to the world of teaching!

Follow Nick Smith's journey from trainee teacher to inspiring head. After thirty years in the profession Nick has seen - and heard - it all, and in this book, he shares some extraordinary stories from his time in the education system. From his early trainee years, facing a daily battle to make it home without having his classroom set on fire (yes, really) to climbing the greasy pole to headship, whilst navigating everything from Ofsted visits and mission statements to parents' evenings and much more.

At turns heart-breaking and hilarious, Head Trauma is a rousing call to arms for parents, teachers and pupils alike. Above all else, this is the story of the students that kept Nick returning to the school gates every morning: the brave, the bolshie and the downright determined kids who helped shape him into the headteacher he went on to become.

Hardback, 304 pages.
Measures 14.5 x 22.5 cm.