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IMPERFECT Jenner Seeing Off Antivaxxers Unisex T-shirt Large 42-44" Chest

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Imperfect product - not printed in colour.

The picture below is for reference only:  the printed image on this t-shirt is rendered only in black and yellow, giving a sepia-like effect, which is still attractive.

An 1808 coloured etching by Cruikshank featuring ‘The saviour of the human race’ Edward Jenner and his colleagues chasing off unscrupulous vaccination opponents. The caption underneath reads ‘Vaccination against smallpox, or mercenary & merciless spreaders of death & devastation driven out of society!’ From the archives of the Wellcome Collection.

100% cotton.
White t-shirt, printed in colour.
Care: Machine wash cool. Tumble dry low. Do not iron text/images.