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Mage Merlin's Unsolved Mathematical Mysteries


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This richly illustrated, story-driven volume presents sixteen of today's greatest unsolved mathematical puzzles, in a way that can be easily understood by anyone with elementary maths skills. These intriguing mysteries are presented to readers as puzzles that have time-travelled from Camelot, preserved in the notebook of Merlin, the wise magician in King Arthur's court.

Under the guidance of Mage Maryam (named in honour of the brilliant young mathematician, the late Maryam Mirzakhani), a distant descendant of Merlin, each mystery includes a mathematical and historical context, and puzzles range from tinker toys (a present for Camelot's princesses from the sorceress Morgana), cake-slicing at a festival, Lancelot's labyrinth, a vault for the Holy Grail, and more.

Paperback, 120 pages.
Measures 15.2 x 22.9 cm.