Material : Making and the Art of Transformation

Working with our hands makes us more human. In our present age of computer-assisted design, mass production and machine precision, the traditional skills of the maker or craftsperson are hard to find. Yet the desire for well-made and beautiful objects from the hands (and mind) of a skilled artisan is just as present today as it ever has been. Whatever medium they work with, traditional makers are living links to the rich vein of knowledge and skills that defines our common human heritage. 

In Material, Nick Kary takes readers along with him to visit some of the places where modern artisans are preserving, and in some cases passing on, the old craft skills. His vivid descriptions and eye for detail make this book a rich and delightful read, and the natural and cultural history he imparts along the way provides an important context for understanding our own past and the roots of our industrial society. Personal, engaging, and filled with memorable people, landscapes and scenes, Material is a rich celebration of what it means to imagine and create, which in the end is the essence of being human, and native to a place. 

    Hardback, 272 pages
    16 x 23.5 x 3 cm

    Collections: Art, Books, Design, The Arts

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