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Poetry Instead Of A Card - Ten Poems about Wildlife


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Instead of a card, why not send words? This varied selection of poems is a celebration of the wild creatures that flutter, slither, swim or stride through the British countryside, from hedgehogs and hares to dragonflies and deer.

The strange language of bats and the exhilaration of wild ponies running free are brought vividly to life, while the sinuous body of an otter is captured in a poem of slippery word-play.

The anthology is a reminder to pay attention to the natural world and its creatures – that although poems may appear to keep them safe, we should never take them for granted.

Poems by Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné, John Clare, Emily Dickinson, Jen Hadfield, Norman MacCaig, Robert Macfarlane, David Morley, Les Murray, Pascale Petit and Robert Williams Parry. Cover illustration by Sam Cannon.

Includes one poetry pamphlet, envelope and co-ordinating bookmark with space for your own personal message.