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Shadowlands: A Journey Through Lost Britain


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Britain's landscape is peppered with ruins: shadowlands, once filled with life, that are now just echoes. Peering back through history we find Dunwich, a medieval city plunged off a Suffolk cliff by storms, the lost city of Trellech unearthed by moles in the Welsh Marches, and the reservoir that is Capel Celyn, one of the few remaining solely Welsh-speaking villages at the time, drowned by Liverpool City Council.

Historian Matthew Green tells the stories of how these places met their fate, vividly capturing the sound of the sea pulling down houses, the taste of medieval wine, or the sights of puffin hunting on the country's tallest cliff. Experience these places in their heyday, witness their destruction and revisit their remains later, as they are mourned by evictees and reimagined by artists, writers and mavericks.

By exploring these places - lost to natural phenomena, war or plague, economic shifts and technological progress - the precariousness of our own towns and cities becomes clear. Shadowlands is a deeply evocative account of Britain's past.

Hardback, 368 pages.
Measures 15.3 x 2.6 x 23.4 cm.