Space: Views from the Hubble Telescope Wall Calendar 2019

The Hubble Space Telescope, named after Edwin Powell Hubble (1889–1953), a pioneer of modern astronomy, has captured awe-inspiring images of nearby galaxies and deep space since its launch in 1990. Hubble has recorded more than one million observations, making it one of the most productive scientific instruments ever built. On the ground, specialists meticulously clean and color the black-and-white photographs to help distinguish detail we could never perceive at such a distance.

Each of this calendar’s twelve images is accompanied by a description of the celestial phenomenon depicted. Important dates in the history of space exploration, as well as this year’s eclipses and major meteor showers, are noted throughout.

All of Pomegranate’s calendars are printed with soy-based inks on FSC certified paper.

2019 Calendar
Twelve monthly grids and full-color artwork
Size: 30 x 33 cm
Opens to 30 x 66 cm

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