Thoughtful Gifts for Curious People



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Imagine a person who is your genetic clone. They are a perfect replica of yourself but raised by different people in a different place. It has come to your attention that your clone is trying to destroy you. You have three options: you can go into hiding, you can meet your clone and try to use reason and diplomacy, or you can attempt to destroy your clone before it destroys you. What do you do?

Designed to stimulate dorm-room debate, barstool banter, and unconventional conversation at the dinner table, this set of fifty mind-bending questions will spark endless conversation in any group and asks you to take a stand on matters of morality, social taboo, and personal identity in a fun and engaging way.

The prompts and questions range in theme, allowing you to play with co-workers, friends, and family. The cards are colour-coded to differentiate between kid-friendly questions, adult-only topics, and those you might save for your closest friends, making this a truly versatile and revealing experience.

  • 51 cards (50 prompts plus 1x 'how to play' card)
  • 11.48 x 2.67 x 15.62 cm
  • Flip tip box