The Sleeping Beauties: And Other Stories of Mystery Illness

Inspired by a poignant encounter with refugee children in Sweden who fell asleep for months at a time, Wellcome Prize winning neurologist Suzanne O'Sullivan travelled the world to visit other communities who have had outbreaks of these so-called 'mystery' illnesses. From a derelict post-Soviet mining town in Kazakhstan to the Mosquito Coast of Nicaragua, via an oil town in Texas, the Maria mountains of Colombia and the US embassy in Cuba, O'Sullivan hears remarkable stories of diagnostic mysteries that doctors have struggled to explain or - more importantly - treat. This moving and unforgettable scientific investigation attempts to unravel these curious ailments whilst asking the question: who gets to define what is or isn't an illness?

Hardback, 336 pages.
Measures 14.5 x 22.3 cm.

Collections: Books, Medicine, Science

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