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The Suffragette Cookbook


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Modern feminists and Suffragettes share much in common - the fight for women's rights is present wherever women gather. And for much of history, that has been in the kitchen.  Many Suffragette groups released cookbooks, declaring to the world that 'women's work', like cooking, was something to be celebrated. They slipped the message of Suffrage between recipes and allowed it entry into homes.

In her introduction to this reprinting of an original Suffragette recipe book from 1915, Professor Kate Williams explores the way feminism exists in the domestic sphere, and shows that the fight for women's rights was fought within homes long before it moved into the streets. Within these pages are many recipes passed from mother to child, a history of female unity that stretches across generations: from mouth-watering recipes you may still make today, to delightfully incoherent recipes you can't believe were ever truly served. But there are also messages of female strength, male solidarity and a history that's only beginning to be told.

Hardback, 240 pages.
Measures 13.8 x 2.4 x 21.8 cm.