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Escape Room Puzzles


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This book takes you from a simple London flat to an ancient ruin buried under a Spanish city… and beyond. There are a wide variety of puzzle types, including traditional puzzles on the page and more interactive puzzles that involve paper-crafting. A timed element is also included to supply an added element of tension. Take on the diabolical Wexell Corporation. You must guide young investigative journalist Adam through 10 precarious rooms, solving the puzzles he finds in each one - discovering what Wexell are up to, and then escaping to the next location.

Written by an James Hamer-Morton, an expert escape room creator.

224 pages. Hardback.
Measures 24.5 x 2.5 x 17.7 cm.
Can be enjoyed either on your own or played as a group. Suitable for ages 8-adult.