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How Art Is Made: The Craft Behind The Masterpieces


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How Art Is Made looks at renowned works of art from across the centuries and around the globe and reveals the artistic process.

Divided into two sections Materials and Methods, each chapter showcases a piece of art which demonstrates the mastery and innovative use of a single material or method, from oil paint, pastel and pencil, to woodcut, litho and impasto. Each work is presented as the centerpiece of a capsule history, while comparative works are also included to help amplify our understanding. How, for example, did Michelangelo paint the Sistine Chapel fresco, or Turner become such a master of watercolour? How did Warhol turn so effectively to screen printing, and how does Yayoi Kusama create such beguiling 'infinity rooms'?

This book enhances the experience of looking at great works of art and guides us to a deeper understanding of how they were created and why we regard them as so important.

  • Hardback.