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OneTrackMinds: True Stories About Life-Changing Songs


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Music can inspire us, help to heal our deepest wounds, and make us fall in (or out of) love. It can also be a window into another’s soul. Based on the popular live storytelling series, OneTrackMinds is a collection of twenty-five compelling answers to the question, ‘What was the song that changed your life?’

Featuring pieces from a stellar cast of contributors including Peter Tatchell, Inua Ellams, Cash Carraway, Rhik Samadder, Ingrid Oliver and Joe Dunthorne, the book compiles many of the standout stories from the live show so far. The songs themselves are equally rich and varied, by artists ranging from Nina Simone and Joni Mitchell to Aphex Twin and the Replacements via Tupac, Prince and the Spice Girls.

The result is an entertaining, enlightening and very musical guide to the best of what makes us human.

Paperback, 272 pages.
Measures 12.9 x 19.8 cm.