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The Anthropocene Cookbook: Recipes and Opportunities for Future Catastrophes


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In the Age of the Anthropocene - an era characterised by human-caused climate disaster - catastrophes and dystopias loom. The Anthropocene Cookbook takes our planetary state of emergency as an opportunity to imagine constructive change and new ideas. How can we survive in an age of constant environmental crises? How can we thrive?

The Anthropocene Cookbook answers these questions by presenting a series of investigative art and design projects exploring how art, food, and creative thinking can prepare us for future catastrophes. This cookbook of ideas rethinks our eating habits and traditions, challenges our food taboos, and proposes new recipes for humanity's survival. More than sixty projects propose new ways to think and make food, offering tools for creative action rather than traditional recipes. They imagine modifying the human body to digest cellulose, turning plastic into food, tasting smog, extracting spices and medicines from sewage, and growing meat in the lab. They investigate provocative possibilities: what if we made cheese using human bacteria, enabled human photosynthesis through symbiosis with algae, and brought back extinct species in order to eat them? The projects are diverse in their creative approaches and their agendas-multilayered, multifaceted, hybrid, and cross-pollinated. The Anthropocene Cookbook offers a survival guide for a future gone rogue, a road map to our edible futures.

Hardback, 240 pages.
Measures 18.5 x 23.7 cm.