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The Theory of Everything Else


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Why are we here? Will we ever be able to talk to animals? Do ghosts actually exist? When will we be able to travel back in time? Are we being visited by extraterrestrials?  Are we being told the truth? And why, when you're in the shower, does the shower-curtain always billow in towards you?

We don't know the answers to any of these questions (not even the shower-curtain one, which is a mystery that has eluded scientists for decades, and one that they are still trying to solve). But don't worry, no matter what questions you have, you can bet  that there is someone (or something) out there, investigating it on your behalf - and this book collects their latest findings.

From the Silicon Valley tech billionaires currently trying to work out whether or not the universe is one giant video game simulation; to the self-proclaimed community of Italian time-travellers who are trying to save the world from destruction; The Theory of Everything Else will act as a handbook for those who want to think differently.

Paperback, 368 pages.
Measures 20 x 12.9 cm.