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This Woman's Work: Essays on Music


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This wonderful collection of essays confronts the male dominance and sexism that have been hard-coded in the canons of music, literature, and film, forcing women to carve out their own space. Women have to shout louder to tell their story - like the ground-breakers featured in this collection, including: Anne Enright on Laurie Anderson, Megan Jasper on her ground-breaking work with Sub Pop, Margo Jefferson on Bud Powell and Ella Fitzgerald, and Fatima Bhutto on music and dictatorship.

This Woman's Work also features the experimentalists, women who mixed music and activism, the genre-breakers, the vocal auteurs, as well as stories of lost homelands and friends, of propaganda and dictatorships, the women of folk and country, the racialised tropes of jazz, the music of Trap and Carriacou and perhaps more familiar experiences of mixtapes and violin lessons.

Published to challenge the historic narrative of music and music writing being written by men, for men, edited by Kim Gordon and Sinéad Gleeson.

Paperback, 260 pages.