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Atlas of Unexpected Places


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Take a journey to far-off lands, obscure discoveries and unimaginable locations, with 45 unique maps and evocative black and white photography. Take an armchair voyage to places both infamous and unknown that have, often by chance or by haphazard means, been destinations of discovery that make up our world today. Learn about the accidental discovery or Vaseline. Set foot on the aptly named Just Enough Room Island, and chart the royal romance that led shipwrecked lovers to discover the purple rock of Madeira. Follow in the footsteps of a stray goat who led its keeper to uncover lost ancient biblical scrolls.

These are the world's most wondrous, improbable and - most of all - unexpected of places.

Paperback 208 pages.
Measurements: 19.5 cm x 12.8 x 3 cm.