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The Humours & The Zodiac T-shirt


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A woodcut illustration from Leonhard Thurneysser's 1574 Quinta Essentia showing the four humours (phlegm, blood, black bile and yellow bile) and their relationship with the signs of the zodiac, the sexes, and related alchemical processes and concepts.

Size Guide:
Unisex chest measures: Small 34-36", Medium 38-40", Large 42-44", XL 46-48", XXL 50-52".
Women’s Fitted chest measurements: Small 32-34", Medium 34-36", Large 36-38", XL 38-40", XXL 40-42".

Care: Machine wash cool. Tumble dry low. Do not iron text/images.

  • 100% cotton t-shirt.
  • Digitally printed in full colour.